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Creative Game Planning & High Risk Defensive Concept


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Last night game identified some all season shortcomings on both side of the ball. More importantly the COACHES conventional approach to each game was exposed. The Saints consistently kept 8 players in the box. Completely locking down a North-South run attack. The FALCONS looked slow on National Television. Also the inability to move the ball demonstrated the QB/Offensive Coordinator utilization and need for a stable slot receiver and a Hybrid Running Back that attacks underneath. Finally there was no Attack, Adaption, and overwhelming fear initiated from the OFFENSE period!!!!!! I said this before and hopefully these areas will be address during the off season regardless. Get a Dual-Purpose Back, Another WR without that emotional B.S. the current core brings, and get CREATIVE for the sake of excitement and keeping the opposing defense honest. AS FOR THE FALCON DEFENSIVE EFFORT. GREAT ATTACK... A word of Caution, I hope this isn't the plan of attack from this moment onward. 30 Something Blitz's, I hope you have a large supply of replacements. A sound coordinator will quickly adjust and slice up this approach. Also get a CB and Safety that tackles and intimidates. To the coaching staff DIAGNOSIS, ADJUST, & FIX. Also get into the game and continue to move the BALL. FINALLY, Get your Head out of your 4th point of contact. Let's Go FALCONS, if you want to be CHAMPIONS, Step Up and Take your Place......

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