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What a ball game.


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All year the falcons have been talking about the game where everyone plays to perfection.

I hate the saints, they are our rivals, and as much as it hurts to admit, they are a great ball club.

The Falcons defense played better than i have seen them play ever. there were some missed calls, and some made calls that left me scratching my head (dbl PI) and some that had me screaming. Challenging the punt that reggie fumbled and we clearly recovered, and the lack of a booth review on the bad but understandable spot in the last 2 mins.

The Falcons should have won that game. Those are the games we are used to winning too.

Hats off to the saints. I just feel really bad for our defense and i hope that we as fans can show our team that we are still behind them, and support them so they can get ready to handle business Sunday.

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