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The More Time Passes, the Madder That Loss Makes Me

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It started with Roddy starting a Twitter war, saying there was no way we lose to the Aints...great job firing up their defense Roddy. You haven't had a good game in 7 weeks.

Then I have to listen to who dat chants everywhere I go yesterday. At Dantanna's they even started "Michael Vick" chants to get us mad. I wish we started "Katrina" chants but our fans aren't as passionate as theirs to do any kind of chant.

Then our defense plays their best game of the year, for nothing. We made Brees look stupid on those interceptions. And our offense, our coaches, our players just crap on the field. That was absolutely pathetic on offense. 215 yards against ANY defense is horrible.

We lost our chance to have the first QB to go 20-1 at home, to have the winningest record for a QB in his first 3 years, and for our team to be the first NFC South team to go 6-0 in the division.

I pray to God that Denver takes Mularky away from us. He can't call plays better than Ryan can on the field. Forcing the run against 8 in the box was commonplace yesterday. That gets old. As does being so conservative on offense. That is going to catchup with us. Relying on keeping barely ahead and controlling the clock won't work well in the playoffs. This took a lot of steam out of our playoff run because it shows our offensive gameplan isn't going to be enough unless it gets changed drastically, and with Mularky at the helm I don't see that happening.

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I feel ya, Dharma. I'm actually letting the sting subside today, but I get you. Cheer up, though. It's likely our O won't play another stinker like that for awhile, and I was encouraged by our defensive gameplan. I agree; too bad that gameplan was WASTED on a loss. You know there were things last night we had been saving ALL YEAR to break out against this (Aint) offense. :angry:

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I totally respect you DI.

.......but the nonsense of calling out a OC who has a 32-15 record has become stale.

Thinking there will magically be someone better and available is silly.

I'd rather get a guy that's just a basic practice coordinator that comes up with plays, and let the QB make most all of the calls. The same way the Colts let Manning run their offense. Ryan will be in his 4th year, he can handle that and he has had much more success calling the plays himself.

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I was at the game. The fans showed up in full force and were pumped for the game. There was a lot of taunting by the mindless NO fans walking out of the stadium but we kept on yelling out "who's in 1st...who's in 2nd?...who beat Cleveland...Who beat Arizona"

They were out coached on offense and we never made the adjustment. They played us different than they did the first time around while we played them exactly the same way. Despite the Saints having trouble stopping the run in prior weeks, they came prepared to stop the Falcons running game. The DL was getting a lot of penetration and they were loading the box clogging up the middle. We kept trying to pound the ball between tackles. You can truly see how much we missed Norwood. Turner is slow getting to the line of scrimmage. He doesn't have the burst of speed to get around the corners, which was very soft.

They were doubling Roddy and Gonzalez so Jenkins and HD was the primary target. Jenkins made a few plays but HD was blanketed by one guy most of the game. He may as well not even be in game as he was a non-factor. Finn would have given Ryan another reliable target but I guess he was hurt. At the last possession they knew exactly what we're going to do and took away the out routes. They were getting pressure with 3 - 4 guys rushing and Ryan just didn't have anywhere to go with the ball.

One very encouraging thing about the game is how tough our defense played especially our CBs. The Saints were targeting Grimes but I noticed on several plays Brees would look that way, pull the ball down and look elsewhere.

This game could have gone either way as both defenses came to play. If we face New Orleans again the next time I have no doubt we will win.

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