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We'll take 'em out in 3 weeks

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I'm looking at the positives from last night. This was by far the best game our defense played all year. Anytime you hold Brees to 17 points after giving him the ball on the 30, AND get a big defensive touchdown, you should WIN the game.

Fortunately this Falcon team is VERY good at making game to game adjustments and correcting mistakes, especially Matt Ryan. He said as much last night in the post game when he took credit for the loss saying "I didn't put the ball where it needed to be".

It's clear the return of Darren Sharper has improved the Saints pass defense. But they are still vulnerable to the run imo. We had a big explosive running play in the 2nd half and could've had more if we didn't give up on the running game so soon. Becoming one dimensional made us play their game, because their offense is VERY one-dimensional.

Ultimately, this loss helped us. It gave us a "reset", taking a little pressure off from the long win streak. It also made the team realize that they have to show up every week, and there's nothing magic about the dome. We still have to lay it all out to win, even at home.

I think that if last night was a playoff game Mike Smith would've gone for that 4th down and we WOULD have converted and scored. Things are different in January.

We will beat the Panthers Sunday and clinch home field. The Saints will probably go to St. Louis and get a victory. But even this is not a given in the playoffs...remember Arizona? When/If they come back in 3 weeks we will be ready and we will end their season. In fact, I think we will beat them handily. I don't expect that game to even be close.

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