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OK folks time to take deep breath

falcons faithful

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We went into this game having not lost since October. Sooner or later odds are we lose one. Better to get it off our backs now then later.

So what Ed. Hockey Puck sucks as a head Zebra,correction as a zebra period, so what they call double pass interference when the rules clearly states you can't have contact with a WR after 5 yards.

So what if they change the catch rule to say you can have control of the ball even when it is dragged across the ground as long as you don't move it as your dragging it.

The D played great. Yea MR Williams needs to learn how to grab the QB on blitzes. Yea the O should have stayed more in no huddle since it worked so good, but guess BVG didn't like how well it worked so we stopped. The O looked good most of game.

Regardless we lost now we start a new streak at home and away for the rest of this year at least

I forgot we also learn you can place the ball where ever you want as long as it does not give a first down and it can't be challanged.

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