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2011 Defense


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Most of the pieces are in place on this young talented D, we need another impact pass rusher and another good corner basically


RE Abraham

UT Babineaux

NT ? Peters/Jerry/Walker/Lewis

LE ? Biermann/Davis/Anderson/Sidbury

DT isnt a high defensive priority, as Peters is seeing starting time this season Jerry was a 1st pick and theres 2 other young guys behind.

We NEED an impact pass rushing DE. Abe is still going to be a very good player next season but he'll be a year older. Biermann has not produced as needed, it seems we havent seen Sidbury at all and Davis and Anderson are not productive pass rushers.


ROLB Weatherspoon

MLB Lofton

LOLB ? Nicholas/Peterson/Adkins

Nicholas and Peterson might be FAs I dont know, Nicholas is young and experienced but unspectacular, worth resigning if the price is right, if not Peterson may be resigned for cheap while Adkins is groomed (havent seen much of him either) or another player is brought in


RCB Robinson

LCB Grimes

Nickel ? Owens/Williams/Franks

At the least we NEED to bring in another capable corner , either a talented rookie who can step in or a vet. We need more good cover guys than we have (as we saw vs NO)


FS Decoud

SS Moore

Colemans the backup at each spot and theres a young guy as well

Brian Van Gorder had the right strategy in this game, to come out and attack Brees rather than sit back and let him pick us apart. Unfortunately our offense scored 1 touchdown the whole game and the defense spent way too much time on the field, usually because they ran by Brees instead of through him when they came free blitzing.

The game against GB showed our pass rush is lacking so our D coordinator cooked up an aggressive strategy for this game bringing pressure from the LB, safety and even corner positions, basically everywhere. The fact that losing this game doesnt effect our chances of making the playoffs it was a good time to try an ultra aggressive gameplan against a very good QB with a ton of weapons and a good OL to build the confidence of the young D. The fact that we held the Saints to 17 points not giving up many big plays despite constantly blitzing is a good sign. Far too many times defenders got to Brees and failed to take him down it was hard to watch. Biermann missed a few opportunities, but CB Williams blitzing from the slot probably missed 3 sacks. The defense has to do a better job of finishing when they get to the QB.

SS Moore who is having a great season (his rookie season in terms of on the field) showed good timing on the blitz. He and Weatherspoon are probably our best blitzers in terms of athletecism, Decoud blitzed some last year this year I think hes playing deep more, Nicholas has some experience rushing the passer, Lofton and Robinson even have some career sacks.

With our current group of DBs its hard to match up with a team like NO or GB. Grimes in undersized but has great ball skill, Robinson doesnt seem to have ball skills but doesnt seem to get burned or targeted much either. After that its Owens Williams or Franks. Owens has a bit of experience, Williams is a vet and Franks is young.

Saints have Colston Meachem Henderson Moore can count Bush as well and of course the TEs. Our safeties are young and fast and Weatherspoon has good speed but Lofton Nicholas and Peterson are probably better vs the run.

So the fastest ways to improve the D in 2011 are adding a legit pass rusher and a legit corner. Then we can consider another fast OLB or pass rushing DT

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The Mike Smith 4-3 scheme:


The D line is where it all starts. D linemen in this scheme win with quickness but need power as well. When its all working perfectly the D gets to the QB with just the front 4 letting everyone else play coverage.


The prototype: Abraham

The DEs in the scheme are more responsible for getting to the QB than anyone else (think Freeney and Mathis). The prototype has the burst and moves to get to the QB and the power to hold the point in the run game. The more depth the better but a player like Anderson who is pretty much a run stopping left end is 1 dimensional. You want pass rushers with the anchor ability and block shedding to give you problems if you run at them.


The prototype: Babineaux

The DTs in the scheme are 2nd most responsible for getting to the QB and most responsible for stopping runs before they start. DTs need the anchor ability to hold the point vs the double team and the quickness to shed vs single blocking and get to the ball shooting gaps on counters tosses and screens.

If we had 2 Abrahams and 2 Babineauxs our D line would be nasty. Yes you need more than 4 DL and the NT and LE should be slightly bigger than the UT and RE but you get the idea. When the DL is doing its job they hold ground vs the double team long enough for teammates to get to the ball, blow plays up in the backfield and get to the QB.



The prototype: Weatherspoon

The OLBs have to be fast enough to cover backs, tight ends and slot receivers and still be able to blow up running backs between the tackles. Being able to blitz the QB is a plus as well.


The prototype: Lofton

The MLB has to be able to take on the FB and interior OL and still get to the running back. Less of a premium is placed on speed, coverage and blitzing ability and more on dominating in the run game.


The protoype: Grimes/Robinson

The CBs need to be able to play man coverage and be able to tackle. Ball skills are a plus. You want to have 3 of similiar ability and another 1 or 2 that arent liabilities.


The prototype: Moore/Decoud

Like the OLBs the safeties need to be able to cover receivers and tackle running backs. The prototype has speed, tackling ability and ball skills.

Though generally speaking the LE is bigger than the RE, the LOLB bigger than the ROLB, The SS bigger than the FS "opposite" positions in this scheme are generally interchangeable, and DL often move around to find matchups.

When its all working the DEs come screaming off the edges at the snap, if the QB steps up the DTs are busting through in his face and if he puts it up the CBs are looking to pick it off or the LBs or safeties ar looking to knock somebody out.

When someone tries to run it if we cant penetrate and blow it up in the backfield we stuff the point of attack and let the speed of the team get to the ball.

We aren't far away. On the DL weve got a terror on the outside in Abe a guy with quickness on the inside with Babineaux and weve been counting on Biermann, Sidbury, Jerry and Peters to develop real quick. If a DE and DT can emerge to compliment Abe and Babs well be in business.

At LB weve got 2 of 3 spots locked up, the 3rd may be on the roster we may seek another OLB with Weatherspoons speed. At CB weve got 2 good starters just need another of the same calibre and good depth.

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