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Listen people who want to panic........


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Look at the positives of tonight's game! We held the defending superbowl champions to 17 points when they were battling for their playoff lives. Give it up to the defense for an outstanding game. If Vangorder doesn't keep up the pressure in the next game i am gonna be pizzed because we were all over Brees. There was probably 5-7 missed sacks where we had him and did not get him down. About 3 by Brian Williams alone. The pressure was outstanding though, i loved seeing our defense being agressive and attacking. This is the type of defense our team is capable of playing when we attack and are not passive.

As for the offense it was an off day. Matty was running around all night the oline didnt hold up to well with the pass or run and this was the difference in the game(minus the turnovers) That said, we also did two things we had not done all season, Turner fumbled, and we fumbled a snap. Minus these plays we probably win fairly easily. I must say i kinda question the coaching tonight when it came to the offense. This run run run when its not working is tiring. We have an outstanding quarterback we should ride early and then pound Turner late when the defense is tired. Ryan has shown he is best in the empty back sets. He loves the offense to be spread out.

Also, i love Mike Smith, but right away when we punted the ball i knew we would lose. Why give it back to Brees without taking one last chance. They would be at best around the 38 unless there was a sack, and even if we did turn it over which im confident we wouldn't have Ryan has shown he is clutch, they would have still tried to run the clock and kick a field goal at best. In my opinion it was well worth it to go for it. Smitty was aggressive all year but was not tonight for some reason.

Our future is still incredibly bright we will lock down the number one seed next week than the playoffs will come through the dome. Lets remember our first loss 4 straight wins, our second loss 8 straight wins, our third loss now.......??????? i think we will start another nice little streak :) GO FALCONS!!!!

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