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Remember the Giants!...?


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The Patriots beat them in the Giants in week 17 38-35. You have to believe they learned alot from that game and went on to beat them. If the cards play out, its possible to see the Saints in the Championship game, as I firmly believe if we win next week, that Philly will loose in opening round to the Giants or to Green Bay. That would then have the Saints going to the Bears, then to us again. (assuming we handle things the rest of the way).

I would also like to say, although I hate that we lost. I feel crushed, I feel strangely relived. I had a discussion with a friend last week about the game, and he brought up a point. How many time has a team ever went 3-0 over a team in one season? None(or very very rarely). So maybe its bittersweet? Ah well, its been a great ride, and cant wait to see where it end!....Dallas? :ph34r:

Here is an image of the most possible scenario. Only thing that could change is Green Bay or Tampa instead of New York.


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The Cowboys did it last year to the Eagles.

ah that is true.......hmmmm, well I still think its better to lose now than in 3 weeks? Yes? lol. Man o Man, now I have to hear the trash talking tomorrow at work. We beat them by 3, they beat us by 3.....seams a pretty even match up in my eyes.

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