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Who beat the Falcons? Saints or Falcons

Guest atl.falcon4ever

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Guest atl.falcon4ever

We did not play our style game. Never established the run which would have established the pass. And as much respect Todd McClure as I have, never seen a fumble like that, it was pathetic. Saints stopped our run. And we got so much penetration and pressure on Brees we could have had an orgasm, but could not tackle/finish. I mean this is not Michael Vick we were going after its Drew Brees. Just remembered the fumble by Turner on the goal line, that did not help matters.

So with that, games over, smack talk to the Saints is over (for now) and now on to Carolina. Like Steve Young said if we don't beat them we do not need to even be in the playoffs.

But if we got good penetration on the line and couldn't really get to Brees then if Vick comes to town I'm really worried.

Needless to say we got a lot of work to do.

Also I saw Sam Baker give up a sack on Brees. I really feel like we might need to move him to right tackle and get an upgrade a left tackle. He has struggled all season. Maybe he can thrive at right tackle but i don't see him as the answer long term as our left tacle.

Ok, I am really bummed. But looking at the glass half full and not half empty I got tickets to the Falcons/Panthers game. So hopefully I will be there when we win and celebrating with everyone.

Anyone can win on any given day. The Saints did there job and knocked us off our kinda football game. They stopped the run and we were one dimensional. We lose as a team effort but if you have to place blame I feel like our offense blew it. Overall Defense played really well.

So I still hate the Saints but give you guys your props. Saints played the better game. Scoreboard never lies. But if we meet again we gonna rip you a new one.

Its easy to disagree with Mike Smith punting on 4th &6 with a little over two minutes left but honestly I think it was the right call the way our defense had been playing. The way the offense was playing we had a better shot at 4 and out for the Saints than picking up those 6 yards.

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Pretty sure it was the Saints that shut down ya'll running game, other than the Turnovers which we all expected would happen, we still stood victorious, Our O-line need to be tweaked before we enter the Post-season or it's going to be a quick oust.

Falcons did aiight, just wasn't good enough to stop the Champs tonight.. I like how we easily marched down the field so politely and smoothly in the last quarter and stepped on your necks. we also owned the Time of possession war which chocked Matty out of the game. The hard hit on him was great to watch as well.. i'll have the game on Torrent soon :-)

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