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Come on Smith


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Yeah, I'd say that was his worst call as the HC. Against alot of teams, that's a fine strategy and I'd have no problem with it. Against that offense, it was basically saying, we are giving you this game.

I'd rather have the ball and lose it or win it myself than put it in the other team's hands to win or lose it for me.

Having said that, they should never have been in that spot in the first place. Abe gets you great field position and you blow it. You get the ball at the one and blow it. You get a drive started and you blow it with another TO.

Turnovers will kill you every time, and we earned that loss, which wasn't easy considering how many times the Saints tried to give it to us...

All in all, I'm hacked that we blew it so many times, but I'm pretty much already over it. This wasn't a must win for us, and we get the worst team in football next week to wrap things up. I also don't think it was a bad thing that we got hit in the mouth now, so we can wake up and not think we can just go out and have things go our way. We have to earn it, and I'm sure that's a message that will get passed along this week in practice..

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