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Gruden has just been talking football terminology. I have no problem with that. He doesn't coach the bucs anymore, I realize that.

The second half is going to be a walk away win for the Falcons! The reason why. Take a careful look at how the Falcons have approached this game.

Do you honestly think being a Falcons fan that the Falcons offense is more than just one or two players??????

Trust me, we shall overcome!!!!!!!! Time TO RISE UP AS A FAN AND SHOW SOME BELIEF HERE!!!!!!!! LET'S GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO I get Negged for being a Falcon Fan???????

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Down 10-7. Not bad. Minus the bull**** double pass int call, (which cost us at least 3 points), and the bad snap, Ill take it.

How can you still be whining about the double PI call but then say nothing about Decoud not even looking for the ball and running into Moore ? No PI there huh?

If Mularkey opens it up on 1st down, we will be alright. RISE UP!!

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