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Deion and Mooch Pick the Saints


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what would we hold back? are we gonna run 1 less 2 yard dive? we dont run trick plays. we run hb dives for 2 yards with an occasional off tackle and 6 yard curls and 5 yard outs all game.

not knocking it, cuz its working. but its not like mularkey has some crazy game plan going into every week.

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Deion thinks that Atlanta will hold back due to the possibility of seeing the Saints again. Mooch, while he admits Brees is one dimensional without a run game, still believes Matt Ryan is due for a loss at the Dome.

Actually I'm glad they feel that way!! :P That way we can make everyone eat crow afterwards!!

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You guys are so gullible. :unsure:

Are you all 15 yr old ? This is TV show.

Deion wants falcons to win but these picks are not their own.

Picks and graphics are already decided by production crew. :lol:

I heard Deion on radio where he picked falcons to win this game & he thinks that if falcons reach dallas they got daumn good shot at pats.

Dont waste your time on threads like this.

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Aside from Marshall Faulk and Dukes, I can understand reasoning from the rest of the NFL Network guys. At least when they analyze a game, they know what they are talking about.

Part of their job is to pick games and who they pick doesn't matter much to me. What they say about the teams is more meaningful, and both Mooch and Deion like our team alot. Just because they picked the Aints doesn't bother me at all.

They are desperate because they haven't clinched, they have a pretty deadly passer in Brees, they've already lost to us, and they are the defending champs, so it makes sense they would think the Saints can win it.

I doubt any of them would be surprised if we win this game.

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