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Why Isn't Here?!?


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Here I am sitting here watching these other 31 crappy teams slum it all over the field and the only thing I can think of is; why the $#%@ isn't this Monday?

Hey santa! Did you lose my list in the mail? I sure as **** did not ask for anymore socks, boxers, and white t-shirts! Either the USPS is cosnpiring against me or you are an illiterate. I ask for the Falcons on Sunday. Free from work and the daily toil and grinds of a suburban interloper I could sit and watch on my sofa while picking crumbs off my chest in a daze as the majesty of the Birds was presented on my 47" plasma.

But no.

I'm relegated to straining my already fading hearing to a staticy and unreliable walk-boy while pitying around four eight bucks an hour on the only night of the year the Falcons get to kick those scrawny saints @#s'es for the entire nation to witness. The next step in the rise of a southern dynasty. A dynasty not designated by the color of skin, but the black and red and white of the only true NFC South teams uniforms.

kfhslhask fas'dh ashje asdfoj!!!

Falcons. Falcons. Saints Suck. Falcons.

So Thanks a lot scheduling machine or committee. Thanks alot Julius Ceaser, God forbid Sunday come before Saturday so we could get all of our praying out of the way before the best day comes. Thanks FOX and CBS and NBC for not holding ESPN at proverbial gunpoint and forcing the best game of the week to be shown on Sunday instead of Monday. And lastly, thanks a lot Santa Clause. You always be lettin me down man.

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