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I hear a lot of fear from Falcons Fans these days, and I know why. We arguably have the best coached, best players we have ever had, and it's kind of scary. We are Falcons fans, a cursed franchise won one has ever existed. Longtime suffering fans know what I am saying. We get an exciting coach for the first time ever, and he leaves tickets for Elvis and turns

Out to be pretty insane. We have the best cornerback ever to play the game and he leaves for free agency because our owners are cheap. Our replacement coach gets in a fight on the sideline with our star qb, and then he is gone. We have a miracle season, and then the night before the superbowl our team captain and NFL man of the year tries to get laid by a prostitute who was actually a cop. Then the next two years, our star running back and future blows his knees out and our qb stays on the dl. Then we draft the most exciting player to hit the NFL, maybe ever, and after some success he goes to jail for two years and our coach leaves us high and dry to hang out with hogs.

My point is this: we have had it pretty rough as a franchise. We are not Dallas, or green bay, or the giants, or the patriots. We don't have the success and storied history. Ours is a Greek tragedy for the most part.

But this is in the past. We need to stop waiting for the other shoe to drop. Accept the fact we are better coached, have more promise and better players than we ever have. We have earned our way in the nfl this year. We are sitting in good shape, for the first time ever, and we have the strength of will to go far.

So bring on whomever the NFL can throw at us. We have beat back everyone, the naysayers, other teams, our own fears and low self esteem. We have overcome adversities and the most important thing overall, our own history, to be where we are now.

So bring on the saints, carolina, and everyone else the rest of the season. We will face them the same way we have everyone else this year, with determination, discipline and desire. Feel pride with what we have accomplished so far, and fear not who we face, because it matters not. The reset button got hit 3 years ago....let's just enjoy the ride!

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I guess we have to give Blank the majority of the credit for changing the culture around here.

I'm an old fan like you, and I can remember when no one wanted to come here to coach; and the embarrassment of the Smiths' having to beg Marion Campbell to come back.

This is an organization we can be proud of.

I mostly remember being ashamed of our front office when I was growing up.

And it all starts at the top.

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The fear is because this team has no history of greatness and sustained success. Now that it is here, Falcons fans don't know how to handle it. All we've ever known is defeatism.....because ultimately.....all we've known is defeat.

That's all over now. We are going to have to get that ring before all the fans come along though.

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