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ESPN is getting soft


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We've been wanting "respect" blah blah blah. I just want some Aint *** on Monday.

I am confused by one thing though. We all watched the Blitz, Sports Center, etc... and couldn't believe that the Falcons got no air time after clinching a spot and busting up Seattle.

We gave the excuse that we aren't "sexy" etc.

But from a business standpoint..wouldn't ESPN want to push the Falcons this week more than any? They are playing on MNF this week. On ESPN. I guess MNF gets viewers no matter what. That's the only explanation.

Besides the fact that the talent has to live in Bristol, Ct. That would wear on any institution after awhile.

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I've seen a lot more "Falcons" talk on air & on the ticker this week that all season combined. But it's all in conjunction with the taints. Nothing really standing on it's on. If it doesn't include some taints sob story then it doesn't make the air.

They've been bringin up the game all night tonight

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