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I've Been Reviewing The Last Five ATL vs NO Games

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I've been reviewing the five games against NO under the current regime. First of all let me say all five were pretty close games. Every one except the first one in 2008 could have gone either way.

The Saints went 3-2 in those games with one win coming in the 2009 game with Ryan, Turner and half the Oline injured. The average margin of victory in the five games is under a touchdown. It seems to me the biggest factors were who could run the ball and win the turnover battle.

I think the same will apply to the Monday Night game where we can even up the series between the two current regimes, win the South and get home field advantage throughout. Here are some key stats from the five games:

With >=100 rush yards

NO - 2-1

ATL - 2-1

With a +TO margin

NO - 2-0

ATL - 2-1

With >=100 rush yards and a +TO margin

NO - 1-0

ATL - 2-1

With <100 rush yards

NO - 1-1

ATL - 0-2

With a -TO margin

NO - 1-2

ATL - 0-2

With <100 rush yards and a -TO margin

NO - 0-1

ATL - 0-2

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