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Week 16 preview- wow @ lack of respect


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Game: New Orleans at Atlanta (Monday, 8:30 p.m. ET)

Venue: Georgia Dome

Last time at site: Jonathan Vilma thwarted a comeback attempt by the Falcons by stopping Jason Snelling short of the sticks on fourth down as the Saints improved to 13-0 with a 26-23 win over the Falcons in Week 14 of last season.

Reason for road optimism: Simply put: the Saints have owned the Falcons since Sean Payton became New Orleans' coach in 2006. Payton is 7-2 against rival Atlanta, and one of those losses came earlier this year when kicker Garrett Hartley missed a 29-yard field goal that would have given New Orleans the victory. The Saints are 3-1 at the Georgia Dome under Payton and have won two of those games by double digits. Throw in the fact New Orleans is 3-0 after a loss this season, and the defending champions will have plenty of reason to believe they can pull off a tough road win this Monday.

Much is made of Matt Ryan's 19-1 record at home as a starter (he missed last year's home game vs. the Saints due to injury), but a closer examination reveals how fortunate the Falcons have been to win some of those games. Good teams make their own luck, though, and Atlanta has certainly done that by taking advantage of its chances. At some point, however, the bounces go the other way, and the Saints play a similarly opportunistic style. If Atlanta relies on another last-minute play to beat the Saints, it might just wind up realizing that the defending champs turn the table and make their own dramatic play to win.

It's crystal clear now that we will not get any respect until we win a Super Bowl(maybe even two will be required? First one will be called luck?).

Saints have owned us(forget that the 2007 season was a distaster, or that Matty is 2-2 against NO).

We are the luckiest team in NFL history(its a fact, look it up <_< )

I wasn't all that excited about this game earlier in the week, since its not a must-win, but now I know we need to embarass the Saints in front of all of America. This game is gonna be so epic.

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Or that the combined score of the games when Matty plays is Falcons 113 Saints 108 :D

Yep and we're going to make that even more in our favor after Monday.

Clearly these tools are just like politicians.... they turn any statistic into their own to support their views and ignore all those facts that don't support them.

Whoever wrote that article must be a huge Saints fan.

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