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Roddy Whites twit, like mine, like some of my threads on here

Guest atl.falcon4ever

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Guest atl.falcon4ever

Roddy Whites twit, like mine, like some of my threads on here, Like the rest of us hardcore, sometime emotional football fans.

I couldn't sleep so I figured I'd look at the board for a 2nd. What can I say, I am a Falcon addict. Well I guess I am sorry for starting some threads like Hurricane Falcon and whatever else all. It was in just some rivalry humor. Maybe a bit sadistic for ones taste. But personal opinion is personal, and we all have them. Just the same as Roddy White or you or even me can say something at get it going in a direction you didn't want to take it. I at one time asked why these boards we so dead. Once I started reading some of the threads I realize why I guess. Its hard just to talk pure football with another football guy. Cause one will get hurt I can only assume. These boards just turn into no sense.

The quote "I dont seem to remember the same talk for the giants or jets after 9/11. Its odd how people brought up katrina for the aints, every game last year and that was the year they won the sb" by a falcon fan makes a very good point. I mean what happened in all those places or bad. I mean I am American as we all are and that stands for something right. Look as people we all can get along and thats cool. For the fun of it we start threads and talk smack. Works about the same way the media spreads the news, think about it. Look I really don't hate anyone in America especially the ones in New Orleans. I hate that you are a fan of any other team than my beloved Falcons. I get emotional as, we all do. Its the fun in it. If you love football you know what I mean. Like a good arguement with a common fellow/co-worker on whos team is better. We are all gonna talk a little smack. Lets all face it we just fans and we wouldn't even be on this board.

With that being said, I wish no harm be involved to none of our players or us the Fans. Especially that Monday night when one of our teams, that being our Atlanta Falcons, win that much sought out war that will go on as us fans watch on edge sittin on the coach are at the nearest sports bar, and just enjoy the game. I love all my fellow football fans on here as equal as far as we are all Americans, and hopefully decent people on here. I hope no one dies or gets hurt. I hope for an entertaining even amougst us sports fan were we the Falcons provail with all our glory.

So people in all honesty just end this silly discussion and prepare for one he11 of an anticiapated games of the season. Its like the playoffs before the playoffs. And just enjoy.

I am by know means apologizing I guess for starting this thread. But never intended people to literally almost cry over the words on a NFL rivalry, which was too much for some people to interpet. And lets get it hyped up in here and let the tension on this rivalry starting that we all, Saints fans and players, Atlanta fans and there players. This game has been along time coming. And lets hope the rivalry continues.I just really feel some of you guys are a little to sensitive. Thats what I am trying to say and with that. I am sorry the words in this post have disturbed you past being taken in as no more than rivalry smack talk, excuse me for affecting you in such a manner. But might I say please toughen up for if you are that sensitive the world is a lot worse than these boards and you may find yourself really consumed and broken by it. So please just try to toughen up and don't take us literally. Don't take any of this to your hearts. And will try to be more compasionate to you the gentler ones.

with that


monday night the Saints will be destoryed.

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and one he11 of a Monday night win or lose.

Well its honest and I guess all I can say is Go Falcons cause I m just bored with all this. I mean people can blow a little flame into burning down the whole forest. And this is me just trying to put something ethical out there.So lets Go Falcons and I hope all that were hurt by any of these sharp words on the delicate world of our, we are really trying to understand you. And for the people that live and can function in the real world with the ral reality of sometimes football is all about that game then the next and sometimes everything we say when we get asked and emotional we are trying to under stand you as well.

Thats all I am saying. Wow that was long and I am almost asleep and wrote this. Well, good night all, are actually good morning....lol I'm out .

Falcons are still gonna win though just so you know.

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