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To all saints fans


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I already put this out there but I want there to be no mistske.

I will put my Ryan jersey on the line against your Brees jersey for the game. I will even pay for shipping to any adress you want out of my pocket. I have every intention of auctioning off the jersey I win and donating the money to the FNCO. I had no takers earlier so I wanted to repost. Man up or shut up period. Now how much confidence do you have in your team.

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Guest atl.falcon4ever

Much props to you my fellow Falcon fan.

As you see, not many Aints fans can read, must less respond to your post.

And if they do respond it will be pretty much like the post that was posted right after you started this post just some kind of irrelevant b.s.

Like you said, tell'em, put up or shut up.

Operation Hurricane FALCON in effect.

No Fema will not be at the game either.

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