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Favorite Falcons Moments vs. The Saints

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Time to stir this forum in another direction. Let's come up with some of our favorite Falcons moments against the Saints. It can be from anytime in our history against the Saints.

Here's five moments that I can think of easily (all are recent):

2008 Season, Week 10: Chevis Jackson INT for TD


2008 Season, Week 10: Jerious Norwood Catch for TD


2009 Season, Week 8: Brent Grimes INT of Drew Brees


2010 Season, Week 3: Garrett Hartley's Missed Field Goal in OT

Other Moments I can remember:

-2002 Season, Week 8: Michael Vick 32-yard TD run in 4th Quarter

-2002 Season, Week 8: Jay Feely game-winning field goal to win game 37-35

-2002 Season, Week 11: Michael Vick pass to Trevor Gaylor for 74-yard TD

-2009 Season, Week 8: Thomas Decoud sack on Drew Brees that went for a fumble and TD for Biermann

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"Big Ben Right" got them twice and they've hated us ever since!

Bartkowski threw 26 TDs against the Saints on his career: the most against any other team he played against.

1991 playoffs at New Orleans

Chris Miller to Michael Haynes for 61yd TD in the final 3 minutes of the game.

Falcons 27, Saints 20

I just found this out: Chris Miller had two other 4th quarter comebacks vs. the Saints in his career (1990 Week 4: Falcons won 28-27, and 1991 Season Week 13: Falcons won 23-20)

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