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Falcon Top 10 NFL Rankings

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1st - winning%

1st - plays from scrimmage

1st - 4th down conversion%

1st - time of possession

1st - fewest penalties

1st - KR average

2nd - first downs per game

2nd - 3rd down conversion%

3rd - Interceptions

3rd - fewest sacks allowed

3rd - KO average

3rd - fewest 20+ pass plays allowed

4th - turnover differential

5th - points scored

5th - rush attempts per game

5th - FGs made

5th - FG%

5th - 40+ yard KRs

6th - total TDs

6th - total receptions

7th - rush yards per game

7th - points allowed

7th - punts inside 20 yard line

8th - rushing TDs

8th - fewest rushing TDs allowed

9th - passing TDs

9th - fewest QB hits allowed

10th - fewest 40+ yard pass attempts allowed

10th - pass attempts per game

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Really nice post, bro. Good stuff.

Man, Bryant has been $ all year - I woulda thought that ranking would have been a little higher.

Same on the rushing TDs and rush yards. Same as always, the stats don't tell the whole story. This team is still just finding ways to win when the clock hits 00:00.

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