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Just Reviewed the ATL@SEA 12/19/10 Game

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-8 game winning streak

-Clinched a playoff spot

-The STs neutralized Leon Washington

-DeCoud woke up and made some plays

-Weems another big return (46 yarder)

-2 for 2 on 4th down in first drive

-Snelling gets TD reception in first game back

-Ryan is making 3 or 4 reads now

-15 play drive from the 50 yard line. Murder

-Defense went in shut down mode after first TD

-Ryan's footwork is much better this season

-Fin and Roddy got good bounces on Snelling fumbles

-Won TOP for the ninth time this year

-Bryant perfect again

-Peters another good TFL

-Dunta is pretty physical

-Nice two minute drive to close out the first half

-Beautiful looper from Ryan to Jenkins for TD

-Koenan downs one at the four yard line

-Busterson sack and FF. Where's Gazoo?

-Babineaux FR and TD

-Mamaneaux has a cool jersey

-BWill another good QB hit

-Grimes pick #5

-Turner getting a lot of check downs this year

-Weems with another gunner pop

-We wear defenses down. It's fun to watch

-Grimes tip to WillyMo for his 5th pick

-Ryan to Roddy in Q3. Game over

-Smitty ain't resting nobody

-Owens good ST hit

-Dunta another good PD. Good coverage all day

-Only three penalties

-Abe picks up another sack

-Grimes almost got another pick


-Lincecum can't touch Samuel Jackson as a hype man

-Hasselbeck was killing us in the flanks on 1st drive

-Another good run right on the defense

-Ran over us on first drive

-Snelling had back to back fumbles

-Peele holding again

-Ryan missed Jenkins on a bomb

-Ryan sacked twice

-Holding call on Dahl was BS

-Beer Man PF on Hasselbeck

-Whitehurst ran over us

-PI call on WillyMo was BS

-2 pt conversion on DeCoud

-Back to back 3 and outs in 4Q


-Ryan pick to Babineaux

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