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what were your predictions for this season ? for falcons and other teams


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Ok I wanna hear what u guys predicted for this season before the season started. And be honest... first ill start with the nfc east.. I had it cowboys,giants,eagles,redskins, bit I figured the giants or cowboys would be a wildcard. Nfc north.. I had the packers, bears, vikings, and lions.. I really thought even with Brent favres great season last year they were not as good as they looked last season, and really thought the bears had a good shot at the postseason. The nfc west.. I had the 49ers, Arizona, Seattle, and the rams. I knew they would all be bad, but who knew how bad. The nfc south.. I had the falcons going 10-6, or 11-5, and winning the division or the wildcard. I had the saints, panther, then bucs. I really thought it would be a tossup between the saints and falcons for the division, and the second place team winning the wildcard. As far as the afc. Afc east. MIA, pats, jets, bills.. I blew that one. Lol. I was thinking how well Miami ended the season last year and henne was looking pretty solid, believed sanchez would go into the normal sophomore slump , and the pats would get a wildcard.. afc north. Bal, pitt, cin, cle. Pretty good guess. Afc west. SD, oak , den , kc .. thought Oakland did a good job in the draft. Kc kinda came out of nowhere. Afc south . Colts, Texans, Tennessee, jax. I thought this might finnaly be the year the Texans make it as a wildcard , and thought jax was still as bad as ever. So heart my sum up.











Dallas,or nyg



Atl or no


No or atl

Dallas or nyg , and maybe Chicago somewhere in there.

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honestly I had the Falcons at 10-6 or 11-5

I had us losing to Pitt, Philly, NO in NO, Tampa in Tampa, Balt and Greenbay (Win in the 11-5).

I was hoping for 11-5. This is the best I have ever felt about our team... ever. I like the direction we're headed and I like those holding the compass. ;)

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