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Statement Game

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We are 6-0 in our dome this year. Matt Ryan is 20-1 as a starter at his house. We own this field. Roddy White's words are a preview of what is going to happen in the future for this team. Say we win by 17 points (ex. 34-17), we play our game (long possessive drives that lead to touchdowns), our defense steps up, we force a couple of turnovers (Grimes and Moore are playing out of their minds), and they may bend a little and let up 300 yards, but will not break (18.6 ppg). I believe the result of this game we'll strike fear into the rest of the NFC and let them know that they'll have to come through our house to get to Dallas.

Rise Up Falcons. Lets show the rest of America what we're capable of Monday night.

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This is muchhhhhhhhhh more than a Statement Game

the Statement Game was in New Orleans way back in week 3

this is the Biggest Game in Atlanta Falcon Reg Season History

a chance to do so many things

1. Win the NFC South

2. Clinch HFA and Grab the #1 Seed

3. Sweep the World Champions who just happen to be our most hated Rivals The New Orleans Saints

All will Happen with a Win on Monday Night Football

you could not Script this Kinda Stuff

This is the Atlanta Falcons Dream Game man, the Biggest reg Season Game in Our HISTORY

Falcons Fans have a great Chance to have a very very Happy New Year

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