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2 Playoff Tickets for Divisional Round


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I have 2 tickets for the Divisional round for sale.

I want Falcon fans please.

If I don't sell them here - then I'll be forced to go to stub hub or one of the other avenues where I can't control who purchases them - and I really, really don't want to do that.

The seats are located on the Falcon side of the field - upper level corner. Section 328 Row 11 - 2 seats together (not aisle)

I have paid for the tickets in full - but have not received them yet. I will forward them as soon as I receive them.

I believe that the divisional game will be the 16th of January for the NFC - and if wild card - the 9th.

I will listen to offers - but I won't sell them for less than I have invested - and if I can cover the costs plus the fees - I will be looking to do that - especially since these were bought for someone else and now they are only going to the NFCCG game if we get there - we were forced to buy both.

Must be willing to pay via Paypal.

I will send the tickets via FedX overnight as soon as I receive them - if they have been paid for in full.

I will find out the cost to send them FedX and will only charge the cost.


You can email me at tgaray@teamhorner.com or PM me here.

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