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Would you rather face the Saints in the Playoffs...

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The main reason i ask this is because it is a very hard task to defeat any NFL team three times in a row. I do realize that its been done before; its just that being an honest Falcons fan i have a very healthy respect for the Saints. I do know they are capable of beating us any Sunday. (and of course vice-versa)

Basically im not sure it would be all that horrible for the Falcons to have that added motivation in the event they do see NO in the playoffs for the 3rd time this season.

By the way this in NO WAY implies that i would want them to lose this Mondays game. Clearly the goal is always to beat the team lined up opposite of you. When that team is the Saints you really really want to not only beat them, you want to pulverize them.

The question isnt whether you would rather win or lose against the saints. Its a hypothetical question. I just cant help but think how hard its going to be to beat them that third time in a row when it counts in the playoffs.

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There was a related thread a few weeks ago and it included stats about times that a team faces a team in the playoffs that they beat twice during the season. It was surprising- it was something like the team that won during the season won the 3rd game 70% of the time (this is by memory, so it's not exact, but in the neighborhood).

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