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Autograph seeking Monday Night

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Hmmm. This is a good question. I have a couple of authentic jersey's I'd like to get signed too. Maybe one on the older posters or STH's will know. I go to a lot of games because my dad is a STH but I've never gotten anything signed. Probably would have to get to the game fairly early.

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Very little chance they'll sign after the Saints game as it'll be after midnight before they get out of the locker room.

Your best shot is after the Panthers game.

james, how early do you think you have to be their to get some autographs while the players are warming up??Also do you have to have tickets in the 100 sections to go down and get autographs??

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i'll be in Section 133, Row 23.

as long as you don't bug me during the game - i.e., look for me at halftime - i'm willing to sign anything except the following:

- male body parts

- ugly women body parts

- checks made out to anyone other than me

- contracts requiring me to do anything other than work in adult films with good looking women

- anything with "Saints," "New Orleans," or "Who Dat" on it


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