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Pat Y, I expected better from you


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Everyone knows Dillweed has a boner for Brees and the Saints (maybe he was a teammate of a current Saints player and liked what he saw in the shower?). I have seriously been laughing my *** off at his "expert" analysis of the Falcons all year. Then laughing even more when every week he has to spin and keep moving the goalpost as the Falcons just WIN. Week after Week. What he said is troll bait. Period.

I understand Pat Y writing about and posting the video. He's - like most bloggers - a click wh0re. But the absolute relish he took? Very lame. I for one did not click the link to his comments, won't leave a comment, and will probably stay of Pat's (ever notice he looks like a troll too?) blog for a while.

He just lost this click for a while.

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Not sure if the "ok" is because I didn't leave a link to what I was talking about therefore leading to some confusion. If so, I am commenting on a Pat Yasinkas NFC South blog on espn. Not going to link to it. easy enough to find.

No I said it because is this really worth starting a thread for when it was already talked about....twice?

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