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Who's the #1 pick in your fantasy draft next year?

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Now that the fantasy football season is almost over, it's never too early to think about next year.

If you have the #1 overall pick in your fantasy draft next year, who would you take?? Peterson? Chris Johnson? Vick? Brady? Jones-Drew? Foster?

What say you??

Had the top pick in one league this year and traded it(Chris Johnson) for Foster, Floyd and Wells. Don't really want it given the way WR went this year and what happened near the top at RB. Not knowing what the Titans and Vikings are gonna do at QB, or if Vick stays in Philly, I might go Aaron Rodgers, provided the league gives 6 pts/TD. Otherwise, maybe Ray Rice. He's got less wear and is in a stable offense that will hopefully divest itself of the vulture McGahee.

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Rivers. He never misses a game and puts up stupid passing #'s every year.

QB's also have the lowest turnover rate as far as who's at the top. RB's change every 2 seasons, top flight WR's stay at the top for 3-4 years. QB's have the longest time at the top of the league of 5+ years.

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I always trade the first overall pick if I have it and I always take the best RB available in the first round. Great RB's are harder to come by than QB's

In my league the top 12 players are QB's and 3rd through 12 are only separated by 100 points

Whereas the #13 player is Foster and the first RB the next running back is McCoy and he is #21 and is separated by 50 points..Hillis is the next running back at #23, then Ray Rice at #33 and he has scored 1 less point than #32 Chad Henne

So in my league lets say you got Tom Brady in the 1st and Michael Turner in the 2nd they would get you a combined 772.74 points

But if you got LeSean McCoy in the 1st and Carson Palmer in the 4th they would get you a combined 778.74

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