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Which team would you least like to see vs your team

Kaptain Krazy

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despite the great comeback yesterday, i have to imagine Eagles fans would rather not see the NYG again. the Giants' D does a good job of playing Vick, and as importantly, they put hurtful licks on him.

Falcons are something like 1-8 vs Philadelphia. not pretty. other than a 1978 playoff win, the Falcons don't have a big win vs the Eagles. heck, the main reason i don't think Vick should be MVP is b/c Kolb beat on the Falcons just as badly, lol.

Saints - who is their kryptonite? the Falcons won a road playoff game in New Orleans in 1991, and played the SB champs close twice last season. or is a bad-weather team like Chicago, Philly, or Green Bay?

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