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No Fear


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I, like many long suffering fans, have been slow to accept how good this TEAM really is. I don't fear the scenario in which we have to beat the Eagles and Saints in the playoffs. I really don't. Could either team beat us? Sure. However, I honestly believe we are better than either of those teams. I believe we should be able to beat anyone at home.

Over the last 3 weeks this team has taken care of business. Each game has been a little more impressive than the one before. They have squashed the myth that they only win at home. I love the line in the NFC South Blog on ESPN. Paraphrasing: "After having won 4 of 5 on the road, they finish the season at home. If they get on a plane again this season, it is likely to fly to Dallas!"

You only play at home in the playoffs if you earn the right. This team has earned it all this year. The facts is, we consistently make plays when they have to be made.

To me our ultimate advantage is this. We are well coached, athletic, confident, and consistent. This all adds up to the one thing that separates us from the Eagles, Saints, Bears, and Giants. We have zero embarrassing losses this season. We have taken care of our business every week, and only lost to playoff caliber teams. Those losses were both early in the year, and we have grown into a much stronger team than we were in week 6.

In the playoffs, I KNOW this team will show up and play strong. What other team can make that statement with as much confidence based on the entire season? Answer, no other team!

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i hope Falcons fans appreciate what the team has done and is doing even if they don't make the Super Bowl.

Mike Smith has pretty much maximized the productivity of this roster. Atlanta lacks game-breaking speed on offense and a real pass rush (glad to see Abraham having a strong season, but he's the only sack threat). i know Falcons fans don't want to hear it, but this team is not as talented as New Orleans or Philadelphia. that doesn't mean Atlanta can't win - 12-2 proves they can win. but it does mean Atlanta could lose in the 2nd round of the playoffs, even playing at home. the flip-side of having soooo many 12+ play drives is the Falcons HAVE to run that many plays b/c they don't have that burner who takes a 10yd slant to the house.

Coach Smith has turned this team into EXACTLY the kind of team it needs to be to win: grind it out, commit very few penalties and always turn it over less than the opponent. as a Falcons fan for 30+ years, it's been by far the most enjoyable season i've ever witnessed - just fundamentally sound football. I LOVE IT.

but i'm also objective enough to recognize that this team could face multiple teams in the playoffs that have the kind of game-changers that can make up for their mistakes. this is only Year Three in a real SUBSTANTIVE building process. if the Falcons nab the #1 seed and make the NFC championship game, they will have had a fantastic season. it's going to upset me greatly if they lose a tough game to a more talented team and Falcons fans gripe about "choking" or "blowing it."

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