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Talking tackling ... Falcons and opponents


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I have noticed a what seems to me to be a shocking trend with some teams in the NFL. Our defense is great at the gang tackle. Where as I have seen a few plays where our opponent has gotten away from a tackle for the most part we as a defense do a very decent job of limiting yards after the catch. We will go for a strip everyonce in a while but it hasn't become the sole focus of our defense.

The New Orleans Saints however have taken this stripping deal to a whole new level.

In watching their game against Baltimore it was amazing to see how many yards Ray Rice had after being first contacted by a defensive player. They did not look like they were even trying to tackle him. I have no way of tracking it, but Ray got an unreal amount of yards once they started to try to strip the ball. In some defense of the saints it pretty much won the Dallas game for them with the Roy Williams strip. I have to believe however had they actually tried to tackle Rice instead of going for the strip on every play, they may have had a better show at winning that game.

In relation to the Falcons.....................


Has anyone else noticed this about the Saints?????

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