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Watching the Ravens-Saints Game


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I know this is a tired argument but watching Flacco and wanting the Saints to lose is kind of dreadful. I don't know how anybody still thinks Flacco is better than Ryan. Not in terms of talent but strictly decision making. The Ravens had the ball on the 50 with about 15 secs to end the half, potential to add 3 points to end the half. Obviously they had a pass dialed up to get about 15 yards to get in range. Instead of throwing the ball away to get another shot, Flacco turns on his best Mike Vick/Donovan McNabb rendition, begins to scramble until no time was left, and heaves it to the endzone.

Knowing we have a smart QB who knows situational football and doesn't just run the play is a very good thing to have. I will be honest I take it for granted sometimes, until I see a guy like Flacco play and can't do things that you think should be common sense seeing Ryan do it consistenly.

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