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Has anybody ever used Emailed tickets from ticket master?


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Works great. It's how I normally buy tickets to get seats I want for Falcons games. There is a steep convenience overhead charge(20 bucks) but worth it. It may say it will take a while to email but the 3 emails usually show up within a minute of your CC being approved.

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If this is true then it's just one more reason to hate Ticketmaster. That makes absolutely zero sense. They actually spend less money if someone chooses the email option. Grrrrrr....


I've bought some Chastain tickets and Hawks tickets this way. It works fine. They send you a PDF and you print it.

As far as the convience fee, an absoulte rip off. It's like charging a customer to pay their bill over internet instead of mailing a check. It actually saves them money to email you a PDF ticket over snail-mailing a physical ticket.

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