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Question about] the playoffs

Kaptain Krazy

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iirc, the NFL re-pairs after each round of the playoffs, to account for upsets. but is that based on seed or record?

e.g., if New Orleans ends up 11-5 and the 5th seed and then "upsets" the NFC Worst champ, do they take over the 4th seed, OR could they end up higher if the 3rd seed is only 10-6 (say, the Giants or Eagles)?

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Its not that their seed changes, its more who they play.

If the seeding went like this:







The lowest seed will always play the highest seed.

So the wild card games would be:

Bears(3) vs Saints(6)


Rams(4) vs Giants(5)

If the Bears were to win they would play Philly and we would play the winner of the Rams Giants game but if the Saints were to win we would play the Saints with the bears playing the winner of the Rams/Giants game.

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thanks. i was just unsure about how things would be affected by the fact the wildcard Saints could end up having a better record than two division champs.

projected final standings:

1) Falcons 14-2

2) Bears 11-5

3) Eagles 10-6

4) Rams 8-8

5) Saints 11-5

6) Giants 9-7

Saints and Eagles win the 1st round games.

1) Falcons 14-2

2) Bears 11-5

3) Eagles 10-6

4) Saints 11-5

Eagles had been seeded higher than Rams based on record, but would end up having a worse record than the 4th seed (taken over by the Saints).

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