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Falconz vs the Aints

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Been a fan for 10 years now and this year I'm finally taking my first trip to ATL ... I'm so excited for these games its going to be great !!!

Couple of questions tho:

- First off,,, are we still doing that "pennies in the bottle" idea for the noise

- Secondly ,,, about what time would the tailgating party be happening on Monday night

- Are we allowed to have signs??? I'm in section 115 (3rd row) ,,, we allowed to have signs there?

- Autographs ,,, where can I get them ??? Is it even possible???

Either way I'm to hyped ,,, this is just going to be great ... I'm driving 16 hours just to watch 60 minutes of football ,,, love it !!!

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Ya also making a huge trip to come down for this game, wondering too that since a win this week against the seahawks clinches a playoff spot, what will the game against the saints mean.

Is it going to be a meaningful game? clinch homefield advantage with a win? just really trying to make sure that after 20 hours of driving I'm going to see a real game and not ryan and white on the sidelines

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Coin in the bottle thing is an amazing idea ,,, i jus hope everybody on here whose going to the game goes through wit it ,,, as for the game being meaningful ,,, it definitely will be ,,, if we win we clinch homefield advantage throughout the playoffs,,, but if we lose and beat the kitties the week after we still clinch ,,, but im sure our birdz will still give the aints an *** kicking they deserve ,,, lets sweep our whole division :D

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