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This. Season.


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With everything that we have been through, does it still take a while for everything that has been going on this season to sink in?

I became a fan in 95 (I'm 22) and just like you guys, have been let down by this team. Now don't get me wrong, we have had our high moments, but not as many as a fan would like. It may just be me, but there are times where I think where we are compared to what we have gone through and it makes me excited and always puts a smile on my face.

Something to be greatful for and to appreciate.

A huge thank you goes to the coaching staff, management, and of course......the players!

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A lot has changed over the years and I have tried to adjust to it, but having been a fan through all of the seasons that I have make it difficult. I have more confidence in this team than any other Falcons team that has ever taken the field though because they all have earned my confidence in spite of the past.

The team is now owned by someone who really cares about the team and this city. It is more personal to him than that, he cares about the players and the fans. Mr. Blank may have made some mistakes at first, but he has grown as an NFL owner and put in the hours, days and years to become one of the very best owners in the NFL, if not the very best.

The coach is right up there too. He is not trying to be the best friend a player ever had or the worst hard *** the players have ever been coached by. He is out to be the very best coach he can be and get the best out of the players that they are capable of. The players see that and respect him for it and respond in a way that probably no other coach could get them to.

The players are awesome. They don't win pretty, they just win. Their egos seem to be totally in check and they look at their next game as the most important game of their career every week. They have been accused of having luck on their side many times, but the truth is they have earned every victory they have.

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Dayum just noticed your original nic ..........had wondered where you were good to see ya Dave


Good to hear from you to man,had some pretty bad health issues for a couple of years

and didn't get on the computer much at all. Don't see a lot of the originals around

anymore " whole lot of noobies" but hey they're Falcon Fans and thats what matters.

Take Care.

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Man it's still sinking in. It's hard to understand how the media doesn't just come out and say we are at par with the other great teams that are talked about year in and year out even if they don't perform. Three winning seasons in a row and when you look at our core we are young and still developing. Hopefully at the end of this season we are talked about in the media as a team you never count out and always expect to be in the playoffs. Huge kudos to everyone in the organization from the office on down. Greatest time to be a falcon fan.

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I've actually enjoyed this season to the fullest. I made the mistake in '98 of waiting for the other shoe to drop week after week and when I was sitting in the stands crying tears of joy in Minnesota - it hit me that I really hadn't been able to soak in and absorb the year with the full appreciation and joy I should have. Since then - I believe in this team and enjoy every second until they put themselves out.

This year has been pure fun for a Falcons fan. I believe.

Here is a post I wrote to someone who posted a thread about not feeling warm and fuzzy over a 6-2 start (this was after the first game against Tampa Bay at our house) in early November. I hope it helps you enjoy the rest of the season with passion and belief and true enjoyment.

Would you feel more warm and fuzzy if we were sitting at 2-6?

If you guys are expecting perfection and total domination for 60 minutes every regular season game, you are going to need to turn to College football because you are not going to have very many perfectly executed seasons in all 3 phases like the '07 Patriots. Even then - how did it turn out for them? In the end - perfection failed to bring perfection.

There are 16 RS games against 13 various NFL teams every year. Even the worst of those teams have NFL level talent and a variety of strengths which bring a different match up to our own each every week. Each of those teams is studying our team just like we are theirs. They are game planning, practicing and coming out on the field with the intention of executing well enough for 60 (or more) minutes in order to get the win at the end of the game.

We've faced 8 of those teams so far this year. Each of them came in to the game expecting to win. 6 of them left disappointed and 2 succeeded.

The best you can hope for with your team every year is that they perform well enough to give you the best chance to have a shot at post season and the ultimate goal. You hope they get enough of those wins in the right places to boost your standings within the Division and Conference AND are healthy enough at the end of the regular season to compete when it is do or die.

I mean, look at teams like the Cowboys, the Bengals - even the Chargers to a lesser degree. Teams loaded with talent and playing competitively, yet for a variety of reasons, each has a losing record so far.

What impresses me and makes me warm and fuzzy about this team and this coaching staff is that they are winners. They know how to win. They find a way to win more than lose even when not making the fans feel warm and fuzzy.

Look at how this team has performed under Smitty and company for the previous 2 years:

1st 8 games 5-3

Last 8 games (08) 6-2 (09) 4-4

If they follow the '08 model and finish out 6-2, we end up 12-4. If they follow the '09 model and split the games, we end up 10-6. Both of those scenarios will most likely get us to the playoffs. If we weren't riddled with injuries last year (remember the healthy statement?) we most likely would have finished higher. As it was, our starting qb ended with 4-2.

The other thing that impresses me is that I know they are bigger critics of themselves than even our sceptical, non-trusting, gun-shy fans are. That is saying a lot, but I know they are breaking down their own actions and finding ways to improve after every game. Meanwhile, they keep finding ways to win.

Our fanbase have been losers for so long - they expect to lose. When we win this way, they are suspicious and overly critical. There is not the confidence in the team to pull out a win regardless of issues on the team and regardless of the opponent that you see from "winning" fanbases. We are always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Sad to say that, but it really inhibits the ability of the average Atlanta football fan to truly appreciate the season and enjoy what they are seeing. When we finally win the Lombardi, they'll have to go back and watch the replays because they were too afraid to give themselves over to the real experience while it was happening. That won't happen until the second one. Now, this is not to say that this reaction is not expected - it's normal. Even so, it is sad.

If we finish this year healthy - we have a very good shot of making it all the way. And most of our fans won't even realize it until it is over.

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i have seen every game Falcons have played since 90

as good as we look

i am still waiting for the other shoe to dropi just hope this Falcons Team, keeps me waiting ;)

Count me in as a member of the " Waiting for the other shoe to drop" club. Been supporting this team since 1966 and am extremely optimistic about the way this season shall end - Time to retire the shoe!.

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I realize that this thread is a couple days old but I really enjoyed reading the replies. Tandy, like always, I loved your post and your insight. I am pumped and happy that our birds have rose up to the challenge again and again and have come out with wins. I believe we can make it all the way this year, but some time it still hits me hard with how far this team has come. We will get people to jump on the bandwagon, it is sure to happen and that is fine by me...more fans! However, the people who have been fans for years are the people who will really get the full enjoyment out of what this season could bring for us.

Also, I used to live in Kansas so I would and still do root for the Chiefs (not as much as the Falcons, of course) and I was stoked when we signed Tony G. He is one of the players in this league that deserves a ring more so than anyone else and it might just happen!

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This thread makes me look back to the early years of watching on tv,losing basically every week but as a kid being giddy when we would win one. I remember the Sat. game against the Rams,59-0. I remember I couldnt wait for the next week,it'll be different What I'm trying to say is everyone needs to just soak this in and enjoy every minute of it.Never know when it will happen again. I truly thought a dynasty had been born in 1980.....

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