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History could be made in the NC


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I was bored in class the other day and was looking up if any state had two different schools win back to back National Championships. When I was looking it up, I didn't know it was already an AFLAC question on CBS during a game, so some of ya'll might already know.

It was:

1938 - TCU

1939 - Texas A&M

However no state has ever had two separate schools win back to back Heismans and National Championships. However, not only was TCU and A&M the first schools to win back to back National Championships from the state, but they could have had back to back Heismans too. In 1938 Dave O'Brien of TCU won the Heisman. In the following year of 1939 Nile Kinnick of Iowa won, but hypothetically John Kimbrough of Texas A&M would have finished 1st if only voters from the Southwest were counted. This was the closest any state has ever come.

The only other state to win back to back Heismans was California with:

1967 Gary Beban - UCLA

1968 O.J. Simpson - USC

So if Auburn wins the NC, the state of Alabama could be the first.

P.S. Aubrun would still have to win 11 more NCs to catch up to Bama. Sorry I had too :D

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