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Bears-Vikings game at Georgia Dome?

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The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the Georgia Dome is being strongly considered as the site for Monday night's NFL game between the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings.

The game had been scheduled for Minnesota, but the Metrodome is still unusable due to a collapsed roof. The University of Minnesota was another option, but field conditions due to heavy snow and ice makes that option impractical, the Tribune reported.

Any other sites in the Midwest are viewed by the Vikings as favorable to the Bears due to their large fan base throughout the region, the Tribune said.

AJC reporters are checking with Dome officials and the Atlanta Falcons on this developing story.

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To those whining about this possibility need to stop, the GA Dome is a great venue that's used by every possible type of event. Those of us who live in and around Atlanta should be proud that we have a venue that is considered being used by the NFL all the way down to a Monster Truck rally.

I'll +1 to that. I love the Dome and there's no reason we can't share it a bit.

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A certain amount will be free, just like at the Vikings/Giants game. They would rather give away tickets and have a full Dome rather than an empty dome.

The Vikings vs. Giants game was a spur of the moment thing. If they announce it for the GA Dome soon, they'd have 4 days to sell tickets instead of less than 24 hours. I don't think there would be free ones, just really cheap ones and those would sell out.

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There are still a ton of Bears fans down in the South. I don't think the Vikings will be able to get away from Bears fans invading the stadium no matter where it is. That being said, I want to see some football so bring it here. Also, think it'd be funny for the Vikings to honor their 50th anniversary team with little to no Vikings fans in the stands.

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