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Thomas Dimitroff talking about the type of players he likes


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"I think Scott and I both believe it's much easier—much easier—to build a team when you're throwing character issues out the window," says Dimitroff, who rose from volunteer scout with the Browns to New England's director of college scouting before becoming the Falcons' G.M. in January 2008. "There are some very, very talented players coming into this league through the draft, through free agency, and the easy thing to do is to bring in the most talented players whether they fit or don't fit. You can win that way, no question about it."

"But," Pioli says, "the key is sustainability. Do you want to build a team that will win once and then implode? I don't think that's the job. The job is to make the difficult decisions so you can build the kind of team that can be in position to win every single year."

Not surprisingly, four of Atlanta's seven draft choices in 2010 were also college captains. "I want to stress this again and again," says Dimitroff, whose Falcons, at 9--2, are tied for the best record in the NFL. "None of us are saying we are right. There are countless ways to build teams, and no one of them is better or more right than the others. I'm just saying it's the right way for me and the Atlanta Falcons. It's the right way for Scott and the Kansas City Chiefs.

"I think we learned this in New England—we just have a hypersensitivity to distractions," Dimitroff adds. "Character issues can be a distraction. Selfishness can be a distraction. There are a thousand of them. And they can tear down what you're trying to do. Talent is essential. But it really comes down to what talent means."

Sometimes its some good players that i think we should look at but we dont because they have a small character concern... Sometimes i dont like it but you cant dispute TD's results...

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