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Atlanta Falcons Make Christmas Special For Homeless Children


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Atlanta Falcons Make Christmas Special For Homeless Children

Children Shop With Joc's Tony Gonzalez, Matt Ryan

By Tony McNary, CBS Atlanta Reporter

CUMMINGS, Ga. -- Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan was hoping the young man he was shopping with would want a football jersey with Ryan's #2 on the back.

"No listen man, if you really want a Mike Turner jersey you're not going to hurt my feelings," Ryan told the kid.

Ryan and several of his teammates were good sports.

They showed up at Walmart in Cummings Monday to help teammate Tony Gonzalez make Christmas special for 50 children from the Atlanta Union Mission.

It's a shelter for homeless families.

"Putting smiles on these kids faces, making sure that kids that probably normally wouldn't have a Christmas are going to get a Christmas with some toys and books," said Gonzalez.

And the kids loved it. They were able to shop with their favorite Falcon and spend $100 on just about anything they wanted.

"We're shopping for Christmas gifts and stuff. I want to get clothes for the winter," said Olivia Post.

"I'm getting a digital camera that I've always wanted," said Aaron Burkes.

While the Falcons were making Christmas wishes come true for the children, they have wishes of their own.

"I can say a Superbowl ring, that would be good," said Gonzalez.

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