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ESPN power rankings are out

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We are now #2 on the list behind the Pats.


I can understand that though, the Pats are playing out of their minds and they just destroyed the 9-3 bears on the road, pretty impressive.

I disagree. A team should never drop a spot while still winning games... PERIOD. If the Pats were so good, they should have been ranked at #1 before they put the Falcons at #1. There is a reason they were not #1 over the Falcons (losing against the Browns maybe?). The Falcons don't deserve to drop a spot while still beating teams.

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You Falcoons would admit it anyway. I don't blame y'all one bit.

I know this is going to come as a shock to you and your ilk but you guys aren't exactly the '67 Packers.

Slow your roll there gumbo breath.

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I was wondering how many posts on this thread it would take to bring up the Saints. So far every thread I have read over here it takes about 5 posts before the topic turns to Saints. Lol!!! You guys could be talking about bringing back Keith Brooking and retiring his jersey and somehow the topic will turn to the New Orleans Saints. Wonder why that is????

I actually only brought it up b/c someone mentioned LaCanfora's rankings (I believe it was him) and how he had a Saint team with a worse record that we beat ahead of us.

Besides...can't possibly touch the nonstop talking about the Falcons they do over at Saintsreport. They need to name it TATF part two.

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