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Tony Gonzalez - I was just thinking

Bring It

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Gonzalez has been in the NFL for 13 years.

He played his first NFL reg. season game on Aug.31, 1997..............and then played in 16 regular season games EVERY year since. He has never won a post season game.

Much has been reported about how Professional Tony is as a player and as a mentor to younger players. There is simply none better at preparation, stamina, and positive attitude.

I believe a fair degree of the Falcons success in 2010 is due to Tony Gonzalez. In many, many ways he has "rubbed off" not only on all of the other players but on coaches as well. He has brought such a desire to WIN it all this year that it's been infectious. It's been incredible.

To sum up his attitude and his presence, HE REFUSES TO LET US LOSE.

This is HIS year, this is the FALCONS year..............and Tony Gonzalez is going to make it a reality with every ounce of his being.

What a great acquisition.

Thanks TD, thanks Tony Gonzales.

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I was at the Ravens game and I was amazed watching Tony Gonzalez! The whole game, whenever the defense was on the field, Tony was up behind the bench catching balls from either Finneran or Redman.

He has obviously had an effect on the whole receiver corps.

Big time. They have all talked about it. NOTHING but positive.

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