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HFA Locked Up By Next Week?


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Ok so correct me if I am wrong, but with a win at Seattle next week combined with a Saints loss in Baltimore and an Eagles loss either tonight OR next week and we lock it up next week. The Falcons would be 12-2 with the Aints at 10-4, This is very possible and almost likely. Although I do hope the best for the Falcons, I will almost be disappointed as I am going to my 1st ever Falcons home game for the MNF game against the Aints. Either way, I definitely won't complain with the Falcons locking up HFA.

**Actually, No we wouldnt lock it up as if we lost the remaining two games, the Aints could win the division as our division record would be 4-2 and theirs would be 5-1. I left this up just in case anyone else had the same question.

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