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Mike Mularkey HIGH on Broncos Head Coaching List

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can i ask you why you want him to go when were top 10 in almost all offensive statistic categories?? and what could a new OC (most likely Musgrove) can do that hes not doing.

It's funny how easy we go down the field when Ryan makes the playcalls compared to when Mularky is. I say get a basic coordinator that helps with practice and let Ryan do most of the playcalling like Manning does.

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I think TD would nix any Billick talk. Even with his ties to Smitty, the guy hasn't coached a competent NFL offense in over a decade. I just don't think TD would entrust his core of players to someone like that.

He hasn't been a coach since 2007, where do you a decade?

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I just don't want Ryan and company to have to learn a new offense and all. Otherwise I'd be happy Mularky was gone

Agreed. If Mularky goes the chances are the team will promote from within or at the most get an outside candidate with the same philosophy. Continuity is more important for future success.

I think explosiveness and excitement down the road when the team masters the offense. They are real close but sometimes the 2nd and 3rd receivers are not on the same page as Matt. It's like riding a bike, learn how to do it well before attempting stunts.

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That doesn't rule out he wouldn't be the next OC, that's if he wanted to coach again.

I just don't think TD would turn the offense over to a guy who: 1) is bringing in a new system; 2) hasn't shown the capability of putting together a good offense in over a decade in a sport that's constantly evolving, and; 3) was a long time head coach that despite his relationship with Smitty may have issues being a subordinate coordinator.

Nothing is impossible, I just think it's highly unlikely.

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I've been as frustrated as anyone with Mularkey's baffling playcalls (poorly timed trick plays and running Turner singleback to the outside) and conservative run-run-pass crap, but I don't like the idea of switching to a new system at this point. Look at Jason Campbell's entire career since college. Consistency breeds success.

If we aren't the best team in the entire NFL right now, we're only a player or two away. Not a coach or two away.

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This thread is crazy.

Let me point out a couple of things.

RYAN CANT CALL HIS OWN PLAYS. He is just not there yet.

Look to the Right Matty Ice, do you see the 5 defenders stacking the line?

Er Um ummm ummm NO.

Ryan is still Green and a tad wet behind the ears.

He needs a couple more years in the NFL before he starts installing the Game Plan.


Musgrave is his Coach.

You will not get an Improved system with this guy Period.


A decent OC designs the plays based on the the players ability or lack of.

This keeps the Horse Before the Cart. DUHHHH !


I dont care either way if Mularkey takes a HC job or not, he is predictable.

Thats going to bite us on the Hiney soon enough.

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