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An interesting 2011 mock draft


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Came across this mock draft and thought it was quite interesting...


Here's the excerpt regarding our favorite team (note the #32):

#32 Pick: Kyle Rudolph, TE, Notre Dame Team: Atlanta

Help-MyTeam Analysis: Tony Gonzalez won’t be around forever, and has even mentioned he might be retiring after this year. If so, Matt Ryan will need a top-flight pass catching TE, and it just so happens the #1 rated TE is left on the board. Atlanta fills a need here for the future, and gets a truly impressive young TE.

Optional Picks:

- Tyron Smith, OT, USC (Tyron stock as risen lately, and should be one of the tackles taken in the late first round to second round. Getting another great tackle to block for Matt Ryan would be smart for the organization)

- Brandon Harris, CB, Miami (Sleeper pick, but I think Atlanta might try to target a corner in the upcoming draft, and early. Brandon Harris is a smart player and good in coverage. A little small to handle big receivers, but adequate speed for his size)

Team Needs: OL, TE, CB

2010 Rd1 pick: Sean Witherspoon (19th pick) (Grade: B-)

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To early. I'll wait until we actually see the team needs (who we lost and who retired) to comment on the mock draft talk. If Tony does indeed retire I'd be all for drafting the guy but we're gonna lose a piece of our offensive line and I think we should go after an offensive lineman.

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