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Panthers Injuries


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I know the Panthers have been pretty banged up this year, losing guys like Otah and Williams earlier in the season, but it sure seems like a lot of 1st/2nd string guys are listed as Out or Doubtful for this week. I'll admit, I haven't been following the Panthers dismal season that carefully, but do folks know if these injuries are recent or if they've been dealing with them for a while? In other words, are we in line for an even weaker squad than the one that has earned a 1-11 record? Specifically, I am talking about:

Starting LG Travelle Wharton (Doubtful)

Starting DT Ed Johnson (Questionable)

Starting & backup OLBs Nic Harris (Out) & Jason Williams (Questionable)

Starting MLB Jon Beason (Questionable) - (DNP,DNP,LP this week)

Starting & backup CBs Chris Gamble (Doubtful) & Captain Munnerlyn (Questionable)

I certainly understand the deceptiveness of the Questionable tag, but that seems to be a lot of key guys that look to be absent or less than 100% in this game. Has anybody on this list been missing time recently?

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Yeah, I saw that after I posted. I'm assuming Beason's listing is similar to Lofton's for us. I think if he was in danger of not going Sunday, we would have heard more. That said, it certainly looks like one of the worst defenses in the NFL is going to be pretty short-handed.

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