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Week 14 distribution maps

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LOL! Wow, look at that Cleveland vs. Buffalo coverage. That covers what, like 1,000 people? :P


If the Falcons were not playing I'd prefer to see the Oakland/Jax (playoff implications) game over the meaningless Cincy/Steelers game.

Heck, I'd tune into the Browns/Bills over Cincy/Steelers. The Bengals are awful this year. At least the Browns and Bills have been playing competitive football even if losing.

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Here you are...i hate it when there's only one 4:00 game (unless it's us)....at least Pats-Bears is a good one and there not force feeding us the Cowgirls like they usually do. It looks like they're not expanding the Jags in south GA as much as they used to.....sorry to you guys in Brunswick. Enjoy and GO BIRDS!!!

Week 14

Thanks for posting, I always find these maps interesting. There is always a local affiliate that defies logic, and the one in Arkansas picking the Bufalo/Cleveland game this week is case in point. If I lived there I would have to give the station manager a visit, LOL. As an aside, we have ugggh, Ron Pitts, who is the pits calling the Falcons game.

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