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Any Firemen/Fifefighters Post Here?

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I had to clean firetrucks every weekend for a couple weeks when I was on probation. Does that count?

I had to clean police cars for community service. It was the middle of a drought with watering restrictions, and gas prices were through the roof, but Fulton County had an entire fleet of cars all sitting in a parking lot with the engines running, and they left the water hoses on all day. Jerks.

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Probably a few firefighters on here. What else do they have to do while they sit around and wait for somebody to start a fire.

Well, this could be true for paid Firefighters, but im a Volly here in NY. Probably the only Volly from NY on this board at this time :P. But yes i am waiting for a fire, could make my day a whole lot more interesting.

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