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Falcons replays online?

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I know there's been posts in the past about streaming games online and other posts about online replays of games but question is a little different in that I need both ( and also I'm much too lazy to dig through every thread )...

I actually have to go to Maine on sat (lame) and wont be home to be able to see the Falcons/Panthers game until wed night. Is there a way or site I can go to if I want to see the game online a 6 or 7 hours after it is over???

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NFL Rewind is around 25 bucks right now. Not sure if you are wanting the freebie route or not, but the Rewind has some nice features to it and I recommend it.

That's what I was going to recommend. I've worked Sundays for the last 5 years and have purchased this the last 2 years. I don't watch every single game...due to knowing the end result and sometimes highlights on NFL.com sum it up. I watch about 5-6 of the games per year and it's worth it. At the beginning of the season I think it's like 50 bucks.

Bonus is you can watch ANY of the games commercial free.

Bad part is you can't watch a game while a game is being played....so needless to say I'm up until about 2AM watching the game Sunday night.

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